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Solutions "In-a-box"

CZ Customer Journey

Analysis of the “path” followed by a consumer from the moment the need of acquiring a product/service arises until the finalization of the customer journey.

CZ Brand Road Map

Design of a roadmap in which identify the fundamental touchpoints, messages and content for an optimal management of your brand

CZ Viralization

Pre-test to determinate, before its launch, the real viral potential of different branded-content videos and the key elements that make them more powerful

Consumer Pulse

Creation, follow-up and interaction through Social Networks with a community of “relevant” thousands of users for their interest in a concrete category or topic


Our mission is to help advertisers build their brands more effectively in the social world by providing actionable data and insights that add “context”, attitudes, brand and media affinities to consumer behavior.

Marketing Applications

Develop winning brand communication strategies (on & off) that optimise the influence of touchpoints and the consumer social profile and influence

Get foundational category & consumer knowledge to start or improve Digital & Social Media strategies

Develop cross-media campaigns and integrate Digital & Social Media more efficiently in brand media strategies

Set & measure specific brand objectives for social media and integrated campaigns

Answering Questions


Understand the "social profile" and the potential of influence of your consumers, their category usage and their brand and media affinities


Identify the most relevant touch points, content and messages to reach and engage with each "social segment"


Measure the impact of campaigns on "social conversations" and brand health across targeted consumers and touch points

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